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“I just got my first pedicure here! What an amazing experience! I highly recommend this service! Totally worth the moth wait, but was told that the pedicures last about 4 weeks depending on your feet! I got the $75 pedi and totally worth every penny! Feet are happy and so soft!”

– Christine G. –


“I recently had a pedicure with Kari at The Active Foot Store and I am so grateful for the amazing work that she did. You see, it wasn’t just a pedicure but a toenail reconstruction. A few years ago I had to have my big toenail removed and it resulted in a minor, but persistent deformity in the nail. Even tho my deformity was small, Kari can do beautiful things with nails, making them look as beautiful as they were before, maybe more so. I highly recommend seeing Kari for all your foot care needs. She schedules on Mondays and Tuesdays.”

– Kelci G. –


“I visited the spa for a medical pedicure, which I needed after a serious illness affected my feet and toenails. April did a wonderful job, was lovely to talk with, and truly pampered my feet – which was so very needed! She’s so fantastic, she books quite far out, so call soon if you’re thinking of paying a visit, though you can also get on the waiting list and potentially get in sooner if someone cancels. A terrific experience and nice to have a pedicure that’s so clean and sanitary, but still super relaxing. :)”

– Nico S. –


“This review is for the SPA (not the store, although store seems pretty great). I came for a “medical pedicure” for my problem tootsies. This is the ONLY one in San Diego! I had the pedicure that includes callous removal treatment. Fortunately, Amy (Nail Technician & Medical Assistant) is everything I hoped for and more. The spa uses 3 medical-grade levels of cleaning on all tools: sanitizing, disinfecting, and steam autoclave. And none of those germ-filled whirlpool foot baths. I sat in a professional, reclining chair (like one you would find at a doctor’s office) in a private room with quiet music, NO smells from acetone or other harmful chemicals. I will never, ever go anywhere else. Please do yourself a favor – try this place”

– Dea H. –


“Excellent foot store with very knowledgeable staff & GOOD products. Connie fitted my wife for her new work shoes & arch supports… she did a great job & made sure the fit was perfect ! …Connie is a true professional & very compassionate with all people. Dr. Jack Reingold, DPM is also a great plus at the store & helped me get the perfect orthotics & treatment for my plantar fasciitis . When you feet hurt this is the place to go !! Thanks, Paul Dunphy & Hiroko.”

– Paul dunphy –

“The staff was helpful and courteous. Connie from the UTC/La Jolla San Diego store spent a good deal of time ensuring fit and comfort for two different types/purposes of shoes. I have experienced reduced pain, and the change to my mobility and life have been more than positive. I also ended up buying a pair of dress sandels that were just as comfortable. Thank you Active Foot Store and Spa, and Customer Service Representative, Connie.”

– Nikki Kristophel –

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